Bachata Dancing with a Date

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Bachata Dancing as a Couple

There are many misconceptions about Bachata dancing. Many cultures see it as an erotic dance for those with few moral values. This is untrue, and...


Exotic Latin Dancing

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The origin of Bachata music and dance were in the Dominican Republic. This country had a stern dictator for many years, and the populace was often poor. Their entertainment consisted mostly of guitar and drum music. Over time, they developed Bachata music that was played in small neighborhood bars and the countryside. Once their dictator was gone, this music spread throughout the country and the world.

Originally, Bachata was party music played in homes and at informal gatherings. It was a simple dance that consisted of only 4 steps. The first three steps were the corners of a box with hips swaying. The fourth step was a foot tapping while popping the hip out. Being asked to dance to this music was a form of courtship ritual. If a couple danced the Bachata together for a second time, they were then considered a serious couple.