Bachata Dancing with a Date

Many dating couples develop a silent communication technique of their own over time. It generally consists of nods, winks and hand motions. Each of these moves signals an affirmative, negative or maybe. It takes time and an understanding of each person's character to develop these signals. For couples that have been together for a long time, body language is often a way to communicate. Dancing is a good measure of how this process is developing.

Dancing has long been an exercise in non-verbal communication. Couples on a dance floor must be able to understand each other well enough to anticipate movements. Without this knowledge, dancing can look quite awkward. This is especially true when both partners try to lead. They must know before the dance begins who will lead and who will follow. It is then up to the leading partner to signal the moves. In Bachata dancing, the leading partner decides if the dance will be open or closed.

Bachata is a unique dance because it was originally designed for couples as a romantic way to express their feelings for one another in front of an audience. Asking a person to be a partner in this dance was a bold move. Accepting the invitation was a way to signal affection or love. Moving together within the dance steps requires the partners to understand their depth of feeling for each other.

Dating is a progressive way to build feelings for another person. Bachata dancing while dating may begin awkwardly. This is to be expected and does not take away from the relationship. Over time, partners will learn how to express their feelings for each other within the dance steps. They will learn to interpret the other person's feelings and the depth of their feelings as well. The Bachata dance is for couples that have been dating long enough to learn how to communicate efficiently without the need for words or extraneous motions.